You are invited to Domains 2017: Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities.

The University of Oklahoma is one of many institutions that appear on the Best of Domains Volume 1, others include but are not limited to Michigan State University, Davidson College, Brigham Young University, Middlebury College, Muhlenberg College, and many more. Each institution has a unique audience and style yet we are united in reclaiming the web to learn in the open by building and sharing, experimenting, succeeding, and failing together.

Individual web domains, better known as “Domain of One’s Own,” is a project born out of the University of Mary Washington in 2012. To date, the project has been variously adopted, adapted, remixed, and mashed up by more than 40 colleges and universities- each playing their own tunes.

The University of Oklahoma and Reclaim Hosting are proud to co-host Domains 2017: Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities at 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City on Monday and Tuesday, June 5-6, 2017. Domains 2017 promises to be like no other educational technology conference you have attended because it will lay down conventional conference elements e.g., sessions, posters, and headliners on Side-A and Side-B of a two-day program that will play like your favorite album. Whether you are into Golden Oldies, Up-and-Coming Artists, or browsing the record crates for something to take back to your campus, Domains 2017 will provide you with plenty of provocative and inspiring choices.

Your attendance at Domains 2017 guarantees you a copy of the live album, liner notes, and access to hidden tracks.

Hope to see you in June,

Adam Croom