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Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities

Hosted by University of Oklahoma


JUNE 5-6TH, 2017 

Welcome Letter from Adam Croom

You are invited to Domains 2017: Indie EdTech and Other Curiosities.

Domains 2017 promises to be like no other educational technology conference you have attended because it will lay down conventional conference elements e.g., sessions, posters, and headliners on Side-A and Side-B of a two-day program that will play like your favorite album. Whether you are into Golden Oldies, Up-and-Coming Artists, or browsing the record crates for something to take back to your campus, Domains 2017 will provide you with plenty of provocative and inspiring choices.

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Event Focus

Best of Domains, Vol. 1

A showcase of incredible work that faculty and students are doing through domain infrastructure.


  • The Web as Portfolio
  • Digital Identity
  • Online Scholarly Presence
  • A Digital Humanities Toolkit

Workshops + Bargain Bin

A discussion on how one administers a Domain of One’s Own project in their community.


  • Getting to Know cPanel
  • What Works?
  • What Doesn’t?
  • Personal API

Looking to the Future

Exploration of the future of domain projects and how we can continue to build tools for the community.


  • Teaching on the Open Web
  • Starting a Domains Project on Your Campus
  • Supporting a Domains Project on Your Campus

Call for Proposals


Thank you to everyone that submitted a proposal! Announcements will go out in the coming week so check back soon!

The Call for Presentations invites individual or group submissions. As part of your submission please describe the format you plan to use for your paper (presentation, panel, interview, debate). Creative formats that actively engage the audience are encouraged. Identify which conference topic your paper fits with from the Event Focus section above.

Format: Booth/Posters/Live Demo

Why a fair? The Domain Fair Showcase will be a large, open space that encourages interaction and the co-mingling of ideas across institutions in order to get a broader sense of the vast landscape of innovation and technology happening using domains.

Participating universities will set up booths, but this is not a poster session; rather it is intended to be a fun, loud, colorful, and interactive morning session not unlike a Record Fair in which students, faculty, and administrators can engage participants in digital demonstrations of projects happening on their respective campuses. We encourage the showcase entries to be experimental and creative, try and imagine the work you’ve done in terms of album covers, concert posters, t-shirts, or swag. Domain Fair Showcase proposals are encouraged to include more than one person and hopefully provide the opportunity for a department or group to collectively frame the work they are doing in creative ways for all to enjoy.

These demonstrations can focus on faculty, student, and/or administrative innovations around domains, and can be as specific as localized classroom experiments or as broad as curricular innovations.

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